About, About, About. I have never been very good at self promotion; so I will not even try to do so here. I’ll just ramble and let you piece it together.

ProductionZ is a new Audio Drama Production Venture. We/I write, direct and produce original audio dramas for your listening pleasure!

In the begining, all We/I had was a concept for a Zombie Story with a couple of twists. Thus the Z in the name. Catchy right? Ha, it didn’t fool me either. Anyway, after learning to record ideas in a manor in which concepts and plots can be strung together to form a meaningful tale; other stories started getting in the way of the Zombies.

How does anything get in the way of a Zombie horde? Well trust me it does and can. It’s messy, bloody and full of brains being splattered all over –  but it can happen. We/I have seen it.

With the Zombies contained within the can corned manufacturing plant, We/I am free to write a bit of this and a bit of that.  Right now the push is on 50’s and 60’s Space SciFi and completing the entire “After the Fall” script.

You might be asking yourself what is the We/I thing. Well, it all started when I was 13 and they told me I need medication… Ahhh not that… At first, I had a collaboration partner, that didn’t work out; so now its all up to me. Since my tastes are pretty strange and often times down right weird; there is no telling what I will write or produce next. Were does this paragraph lead to? Glad you asked!

Help me change We/I to just plain ol’  We!!! We/I want your help! Can you write? Do you think you can write? Then We/I have a job for you!!! How about Voice Talent? Can you act? Do you think you can act? Then We/I might have a roll for you to play! Contact Us/I (tricked you) – bill.productionz (at) gmail (dot) com.